1. Does Great Reflections Car Wash accept credit and debit cards as well as cash?
Yes, the Automatic Teller accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as cash.

2. Will my Hummer or Dual-Wheel Pickup fit in the Automatic Touch Free Wash Bay?
Yes, but if your vehicle has telescopic mirrors, we suggest that you fold them in.

3. I have a snowplow mounted on the front of my vehicle, is this ok?
No, you may not use the Automatic Touch-Free Wash Bay with a front mounted snowplow, or any other mounted projection on either the front or rear of the vehicle. i.e., extended hitches, bicycle racks, etc.

4. If I insert cash into the Automatic Teller for the Touch Free Wash Bay will I get change?
Yes, the machine will dispense change but it will be in quarters.

5. Do you use "recycled" water to wash vehicles?
No, Great Reflections uses only clean, spot free water that is kept at an ideal temperature and is purified through a reverse osmosis process to remove minerals that cause spotting.

6. Does Great Reflections Car Wash offer discount packages if multiple car washes are purchased?
Yes, we offer Tokenote coupons at discount package pricing. Information is available on this website under Wash Tokenotes.

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